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Top 3 Reasons to Buy Your Cards Online During a Pandemic

We know that this past year and a half has been a bit of a humdinger. With all of the uncertainty in the air, we know how important it is now more than ever to take care of your health, your family, and your friends. With all of the holidays rounding the corner and special […]

Top 3 Reasons to Send a Grandparents Day Card

Did you know that Grandparents Day is an official national holiday? Signed by President Carter in 1978, it’s celebrated on the first Sunday after Labor Day (September 12th) . We celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, so it’s only fair that we celebrate our Grandparents too! This is an excellent opportunity to spend some quality […]

3 Reasons to Send a Back to School Greeting Card!

“I don’t want to go back to school…” “Summer went by too fast…” “I don’t like learning. There’s too many numbers…” As a parent, you’ve probably heard it all. Summer is almost over and school is right around the corner. (Cue the panic music and get the espresso shots ready!) Do you know a child […]

Top 3 Ways to Celebrate an August Birthday (On a Budget)

It’s August! The most birthday-filled month of the calendar year! Grandma Beverly’s birthday is on the 7th, Uncle Adler’s birthday is on the 14th, your son’s birthday is either the 17th or 18th, and your neighbor’s Great Aunt Bertha is turning 90 on the 25th! With planning for back to school and trying to enjoy […]

Northern Exposure’s Top 3 Holidays for August

School is creeping around the corner like a horror movie! Seriously, how did summer go by so fast? There are still so many vacations and iced coffees to be had! I’m sure you’re wishing we could celebrate as much as we can before getting back into the calculated school year. Let’s sit by the pool […]

Send a funny photography card for National Friendship Day!

Sunday, August 1st 2021 is NATIONAL FRIENDSHIP DAY! Is your best friend a sibling that never lets you borrow their clothes? Your cranky neighbor that gives you socks for Christmas? Have you known your friendship group since high school? Or are your friends a group of guys you game online with, but never actually met […]

Northern Exposure’s Top 3 Holidays for July

Can you believe that Independence Day has already passed? Summer feels like it is just swimming away from us. And if you take a look at your calendar, you may notice something seems to be missing from the rest of the dates… HOLIDAYS! Where did they all go? Surely, July cannot be bereft of holidays […]

Northern Exposure’s Top 3 Holidays for June

June is a month that is traditionally all about “Dads and Grads”… which is great, but there are many more reasons to celebrate during the sixth month on the calendar. How about the beginning of Summer? Or our grand ol’ Flag? I am sure by now you wouldn’t be shocked to discover that the team […]

Graduation Season is Here!

Celebrate with a Northern Exposure card! Hats (or should we say “caps”) off to the graduates! Whether they are earning a preschool diploma or a Master’s degree, all of their hard work deserves some appreciation. And what better to celebrate the occasion than with a little laughter courtesy of a Northern Exposure Graduation card! That […]

Northern Exposure’s Top 3 Holidays for May

MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU! A long time ago, in a galaxy not too far away… Northern Exposure was created, specializing in always looking on the funny side of life. In April, we began our monthly series of spotlighting holidays that may never reach the pages of your calendar, but deserve to be celebrated! […]

Who Wants FREE Shipping?!?

Who can put a price on staying connected? Are you drowning in a sea of shipping charges? We are here to save you! Today, more than ever, we crave social connection. We’re extremely pleased to tell you that one of the easiest and most personal ways to do so (even while social distancing) is by […]

Northern Exposure’s Top 3 Holidays for April

We have a motto here at Northern Exposure Cards – “Well, isn’t that funny!” Don’t believe us… we know it is April Fools’ Day but this is no joke! See! It is even on our sign! What did we tell you! One thing we find funny is the number of holidays that don’t make it on […]

Announcing Our NEW Website: NECards.com!

It is our pleasure to announce the launch of our brand-new website! After months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially announce the launch of the NEW NECards.com! Our goal with this new website is to provide you with an easier way to discover and purchase our humorous line of greeting cards. […]