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Top 3 Ways to Celebrate an August Birthday (On a Budget)

It’s August! The most birthday-filled month of the calendar year! Grandma Beverly’s birthday is on the 7th, Uncle Adler’s birthday is on the 14th, your son’s birthday is either the 17th or 18th, and your neighbor’s Great Aunt Bertha is turning 90 on the 25th!

With planning for back to school and trying to enjoy the end of the summer, there just isn’t enough time to go shopping. Are you all out of ideas for that perfect birthday gift? Let’s brainstorm!

1. You could offer to do their laundry!
Hm, but that just seems like too much effort.
I know! Simply send them a card with a gorilla doing laundry!
(They’re sure to feel motivated to do their own laundry, so consider this the perfect gift!)
BirthdayLaundry Gorilla

2. You could take them to the beach!
Oh wait, then that’s money for gas, possible tolls, lunch, sunscreen, a new beach ball…
Got it! Simply send them a card of other people at the beach!
(It’s exactly like a day at the beach, but without the sunburn!)BirthdayMen Flexing on Beach

3. You could show up to their birthday party!
On second thought, you probably don’t like being around people…
Of course! Simply send them a card letting them know that you couldn’t make it to their surprise party because you were abducted by aliens!
(This was a weird year, so… anything’s possible.)BirthdayAliens Are Near

Give them the gift of a laugh this August!