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Northern Exposure’s Top 5 February Holidays

February is definitely cupid’s month: a time for love, friendship and sharing admiration. (Hopefully you’re into that, otherwise this month is going to be a little too mushy gushy for ya…) Kids at school are preparing to exchange Valentine Cards taped with chocolates, lollipops and cute sentiments for their classmates. And the one thing that never seems to go overlooked is the primitive greeting card. (Although, if you don’t get one, never fear! Just wait until the day after Valentine’s Day and buy yourself some half-off chocolates! Seriously, best day ever!) Here is a list of Northern Exposure’s Top 5 February Holidays perfect for sending funny greeting cards:


Send a Card to a Friend Day (February 7th)

February CardsInside Greeting:A good friend is like the side of a pool…always there to hang onto!

We know that people like to send cards on bigger occasions, but millennials especially have helped make the ‘Just Because’ cards skyrocket. This holiday is no exception. How exciting is it to go to the mailbox and receive an unexpected greeting card? We enjoy that moment where the world seems to pause while we open a card from someone we care about.

Remember when we used to sneak gossip notes to our friends in class? When did we stop informing our friends of the littlest news? Thinking of You cards aren’t just for the big news! Sending a card shows you care. It keeps your friendships strong and fresh, especially if they live far.



National Pizza Day (February 9th)

February CardsInside Greeting: Some people bond. You and I have crazy-glued.

Even if you’re lactose intolerant, pizza has been a staple since the dawn of time. The way the cheese melts in your mouth, the way the tomato makes your tongue burst with joy, and who can forget the carbs? Diets don’t last long when pizza is on the table.

If you ever wanted to make a friend or loved one really happy, leave them a box of pizza with a card on top that says “You are the cheese to my pizza” and they will melt with admiration. (You’re welcome.)



Galentine’s Day (February 13th)

Galentine's DayInside Greeting: For you, from me. Just because!

The idea for Galentine’s Day is simple! Valentine’s Day traditionally celebrates your loved one, and Galentine’s Day was created to celebrate the special bond we share amongst friends. (Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a gal or single to celebrate the holiday!) Celebrated on February 13th, it’s a day to honor your friendships and shower your besties with love! People enjoy the excuse to gather their friends and shower them with cards, chocolates, or a boozy brunch.



Valentine’s Day (February 14th)

Valentine CardsInside Greeting: You’re the treasure to my sea.

Each Valentine’s Day, children pick out their favorite box of cards with the latest superhero, princess or cartoon to pass out to their classmates. Some of the cards even came with stickers, candy or little puzzles on the back. But the custom of exchanging Valentine’s Day cards didn’t start there. In the 18th century, legend says that St. Valentine himself was the cause of these romantic cards, for he wrote his lover a note that he signed, ‘Your Valentine,’ before he was, unfortunately, executed.

The holiday itself didn’t begin until the 5th century when Pope Gelasius wanted to replace a previous pagan festivity by commemorating Valentine on the saint’s execution date, February 14th. About 1,000 years later, Geoffrey Chaucer wrote a poem titled The Parliament of Foules, finally connecting the day with romance. However, Valentines weren’t always just for lovers, but meant for friends as well. Today, Valentine cards are sent to significant others, family members, friends, colleagues and schoolmates.


Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17th)

February CardsInside Greeting: You’ll get through this. Thinking of You & Here for You Always

We know this month celebrates a lot of love and friendship, but it’s also a month to be nice to people. (I guess that sort of still sounds like an act of love though, huh?) But it doesn’t have to be! Tell someone you like their shirt! Take the garbage out before your partner yells at you for never doing the chores. Bake some cookies for your neighbor and leave a card that says, ‘Thanks for not blasting your music at 3AM last night. I slept well.‘ A random act of kindness will always be appreciated and usually sparks the urge to do the same. Think about how better off the world would be if everyone did something nice for someone else each day!


So whether you’re single, taken, or hungry (us too) this February, be sure to pass on a little laughter by sending some friendship and love cards today! Follow Northern Exposure on Instagram for more holiday fun, and have a lovely February!

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