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Northern Exposure’s Top 3 Holidays for August

School is creeping around the corner like a horror movie! Seriously, how did summer go by so fast? There are still so many vacations and iced coffees to be had! I’m sure you’re wishing we could celebrate as much as we can before getting back into the calculated school year. Let’s sit by the pool and splash into August with some important holidays to keep the summer alive. Here are our Top 3 Holidays for the Month of August:

National Ice Cream Sandwich Day (August 2nd)

Even if you’re lactose intolerant, how could anyone resist a delicious ice cream sandwich? It is a summertime staple. It is happiness in every bite. Buy one from your local ice cream shop or make one from scratch. (Whether or not you choose to share is up to you…) Simply take two flat cookies (preferably chocolate chip), stuff ice cream in between (preferably vanilla), and, if your sweet tooth is extra tingly, lather the ice cream on the edges with chocolate chips! (Be still my beating heart…)

ice cream sandwichAlways Better With Ice Cream

Wiggle Your Toes Day (August 6th)

Who doesn’t love a good excuse to sit back and do nothing? I think that we can all agree this has been a hectic year. With summer coming to an end, take a well-deserved break and exercise your feet. Show off your digits in a pair of flip flops or treat yourself to a pedicure. Let the grass tickle your little toesies or dangle your digits in the pool. (Okay, I think you get the point now.)

wiggle your toes

Eight Feet

National Tell a Joke Day (August 16th)

Northern Exposure is one of the world’s leading humor greeting card lines, so you can imagine how much we love this holiday! Tell a joke, listen to a joke, think about jokes until milk starts spilling out of your nose. Make someone laugh today! Even if you don’t think you’re funny, make a funny face, do a silly dance, or sneeze really obnoxiously when it’s quiet. (Awkward humor makes us laugh too…) Test your punny sense of humor on a family or friend by sharing your jokes in a memorable greeting card like this cute Happy Birthday card below!

tell a joke

Baby Smiling

Pass on a little laughter.

See you in September!