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Send a funny photography card for National Friendship Day!

Sunday, August 1st 2021 is NATIONAL FRIENDSHIP DAY!

Is your best friend a sibling that never lets you borrow their clothes? Your cranky neighbor that gives you socks for Christmas? Have you known your friendship group since high school? Or are your friends a group of guys you game online with, but never actually met in person? Don’t fret – we have a card for them all!

Friendship comes in many forms and through the years, they evolve into people we can’t imagine life without. They’ve laughed with us, they’ve cried with us, and they probably know the most embarrassing stories about us… Show your friends just how much you appreciate them with a funny photography card!

Send a giggle and a smile with Friendship cards like: “Dressed Up Dogs“!friendship

Laughter is a central factor in every great companionship. If milk isn’t constantly coming out of their nose, are they even your friend?

They’re sure to love this Friend card: “Friends Are Special” !


Be sure to let them know that you haven’t had both feet on the ground since you met them with this overly adorable card: “Cat & Squirrel“!


With the pandemic keeping us away from our friend group, why not make Friendship Day extra special this year? Connect with them on a level outside of social media with a fun surprise in the mail! They are sure to never forget it! (And if they do, make sure to remind them over and over and over and…)

“Friendship is like peeing in your pants.
Everyone can see it,
but only you can feel the warm feeling inside.”
-Robert Bloch