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Northern Exposure’s Top 5 January Holidays:

January 1st marks the first day of 2022! Can you believe it? It sure has been a whirlwind of a couple of years, but we’re feeling quite optimistic about this year! January is the month of resolutions – meaning the gym becomes overcrowded and the streets become lined with runners (but don’t worry, by February, things will go back to normal). We get it – keeping a New Year Resolution is hard! There’s a lot going on in life. Besides, there are other fun holidays to celebrate in the month of January other than the new year and its outlandish resolutions! Here is a list of Northern Exposure’s Top 5 January Holidays perfect for sending funny greeting cards:


Houseplant Appreciation Day (January 10th)

January HolidaysPlanting

Houseplant Appreciation Day celebrates the joys and benefits of caring for indoor plants. If you’ve ever met a ‘plant mom/dad’ you know how beloved these green guys can be! Not only do they improve the air quality in our homes, but they are also easy and fun to care for. They bring a sense of ease that makes it feel more relaxing and stress-free. How do people celebrate this national holiday? By buying a new plant baby, naming their plants (little Rasputin needs sunlight every Tuesday and Thursday!), buying new pots, playing them music, or talking to them! Yes, believe it or not, research says that talking to your plants helps them grow faster and live longer! (And research is always right!) Planting is the perfect card to pair with a new potted friend.



Hugging Day (January 21st)

January HolidaysHug From Behind

Hugging Day is a day observed to literally offer a hug! (But, obviously after asking permission first. And only if they’re vaccinated. It’s still a pandemic, so, elbow hugs are also acceptable.) What are the benefits of hugging you ask? This kind act of physical touch releases oxytocin, a hormone that provides a lot of health benefits. Hugs reduce stress, lowers blood pressure, eases anxiety, and reduces pain. Next time you’re feeling stressed, throw your arms wide open and accept some lovin’! Can’t hug someone in person? Send a card! Besides, a card is like a paper hug anyway!


Pie Day (January 23rd)

January holidaysBaby With Cake On Face

There are so many different types and flavors of pie, it’s nearly impossible not to like them! The first pies appeared around 9500 BC. (We’ve have been eating pies for a long time!) The best part about pies is that there’s one for everyone, from sweet to savory! Pie Day can be celebrated by making a pie, hosting a bake off, or watching a pie themed movie or bake show like Julie & Julia or Waitress. And of course, writing a greeting card to commemorate the day with “I only have pies for you” inside. (You’re welcome.)


Compliment Day (January 24th)

January Holidays Floral Bouquet

Compliment Day is used to take time out of your day and give someone a genuine compliment. It is believed that two women from New Hampshire, Kathy Chamberlin and Debby Hoffyman, created the holiday in 1998 to connect positively with others. A compliment has a powerful effect! It can motivate people, spread happiness, and create an effective environment. Too shy to compliment them? Write it in a greeting card like Floral Bouquet! Show someone you care with a compliment (Just make sure you mean it! A fake compliment is just as bad as regifting a birthday gift…)


Spouse’s Day (January 26th)

Spouse's Day CardsYoung Love On Beach

No, this is not the same as Valentine’s Day. There’s no need for gifts or chocolates on Spouse’s Day, perhaps just a sweet card that says I Love You! Spouse’s Day, observed since the 1980s, is meant to celebrate the bond between two people (marriage not necessary). It’s a day to show thanks and appreciation for all of the things he or she does for you. We know life can get busy, so it’s important to stop and commemorate the bond shared between you and your boo.


Pass on a little laughter by sending some holiday cards today! Follow Northern Exposure on Instagram for more holiday fun, and have a chilly winter January!


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