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3 Reasons to Send a Back to School Greeting Card!

“I don’t want to go back to school…”
“Summer went by too fast…”
“I don’t like learning. There’s too many numbers…”

As a parent, you’ve probably heard it all. Summer is almost over and school is right around the corner. (Cue the panic music and get the espresso shots ready!)

Do you know a child starting school this September? Consider leaving them a gift basket with their favorite snacks, pencils with fun toppers, and a light-hearted, humorous greeting card! Think of how happy any child would be to wake up to a quirky card sitting next to a stack of pancakes! (If there isn’t pancakes, good luck getting them onto the bus…)

You’re probably thinking – “If I make them pancakes, I don’t need to leave a greeting card too.” Well, let us tell you why you should reconsider your silly thought with three reasons why you should send a back to school greeting card:

1. They are nervous/excited about going back to school.

I think we can all agree that this past year was a doozy. Whether they learned from home last year or are going back in person, they could definitely use a confidence boost to get them ready for all of the purrr-fect things they will learn this year!


Big Hug

2. They are starting a new school.

There is nothing more nerve-wracking then starting at a brand new school. (Except maybe being there in your underwear.) Whether they are moving from kindergarten to first grade or high school to college, this life adjustment can be tricky for most. Starting fresh and making new friends can seem daunting, but not when they have a toad-ally memorable card waiting for them on their first day!


Kitten in Frog Costume

3. It’s more affordable than buying a first day of school outfit.

Seriously, how much do kids spend on their new clothes, accessories, and backpacks these days? Kids grow out of their clothes, accessories don’t stay trendy over the years, and backpacks rip. A greeting card is forever. Give the gift of an egg-cellent laugh without spending an eggs-traordinary amount.


3 Baby Chicks

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