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Northern Exposure’s Top 3 Holidays for July

Can you believe that Independence Day has already passed? Summer feels like it is just swimming away from us. And if you take a look at your calendar, you may notice something seems to be missing from the rest of the dates… HOLIDAYS! Where did they all go? Surely, July cannot be bereft of holidays to honor and celebrate?! Fear not, dear reader – Northern Exposure Cards has got you covered. So, without further ado, here is our list of the Top 3 Holidays for the Month of July!

Cheer Up the Lonely Day (July 11)

There is a difference from “being alone” and “being lonely”. Some people are happiest when they have some quality “me” time. They don’t always need to be surrounded by friends and family to be happy. Yet for many, it is the opposite. No matter the reason for their isolation, today is the day to let those special people know that someone out there is thinking of them. They may be physically “alone”, but they don’t need to be lonely. And is there a soul among us that couldn’t be cheered by a heartfelt note sent in such a sweet Blank Card as our “3 Baby Chicks”? We dare you to find out!

Cheer Up the Lonely Holiday - July

Blank Card: No Verse

Give Something Away Day (July 15)

Many of us have the benefit of living comfortable lives with MORE than we need. In the spirit of today and the entire “season of giving” that is usually reserved for the last calendar month, we are giving something away to our amazing customers – 20% OFF all Holiday Cards! A perfect example of a card that we are “giving away” at an amazing discount is our “Cat in a Stocking” card.

Give Something Away Holiday - July

Holiday Card: “Sending warm, cozy wishes your way for a very Happy Holiday!”

Gorgeous Grandma Day (July 23)

Everyone has heard the saying, “Respect your elders”! Well, there is no higher respect that we can pay to all of the fierce females of a certain age in our lives than honoring them every year with a holiday all their own! So on July 23rd, honor every Golden Girl in your life by celebrating how gorgeous they are – both inside and out – just like our very own “Elderly Woman with Cake”.

Gorgeous Grandma Holiday - July

Birthday Card: “Too. Much. Cake. Happy Birthday”

See you in August!

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