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How To Wrap Presents (The Do’s and Don’ts)

That feeling of gift giving is in the air! Grab the scissors, tape, bows and ribbon, and get ready to decorate!

We wrap gifts to keep that element of surprise. What about people that don’t like surprises? There are two types of people in the world: people that love to wrap presents and people that don’t. The person that loves to wrap presents goes through that extra effort to spruce up their packages. A person that doesn’t like to wrap presents will most likely use too much tape. (Raise your hands if you’re that person!)


Need help wrapping your presents this year? That’s what we’re here for! Here are Northern Exposure’s Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts on How To Wrap Presents:



DO measure out how much wrapping paper you will need by wrapping it around your box before cutting it. You don’t want your recipient peaking before Christmas, do you?

DON’T cut small pieces of wrapping paper and tape it onto your recipient’s package like you’re trying to make a paper puzzle. Not only is that frustrating for you, but it is very time consuming for the recipient. (Unless you’re trying to play a prank, then by all means, continue with your puzzle-wrapping!)



If you’re wrapping a box, make sure to wrap each end separately. Fold in the corners and tape the wrapping paper for a presentable gift that the recipient won’t want to open! If your package is an odd shape, like a ball, DO consider placing it in a bag.

Has someone ever given you a gift with so much tape, you couldn’t even open it? DON’T use tape as if this is the last tape dispenser that you will ever use in your entire life. Tape is in short supply! (Or was that turkeys…)



Buy something thoughtful for the person you are giving a gift to. Even if you don’t have the appropriate funds this year (we get it – we’re still in a global pandemic!) DO consider crafting, baking, cooking, or gifting an experience that you can both enjoy together! And don’t forget to include holiday cards so that everyone on your list knows who to thank!

DON’T regift. Seriously, nobody is going to want the socks your brother-in-law bought you last year. Reusing presents is tacky, and being tacky isn’t very ‘jolly.’



DO place your item in an appropriately sized bag. Hide the gift with tissue paper, slightly sticking out at the top. Make sure not to wrinkle it too much. Either tie the two bag handles together or tape a bow to the front of the bag. Place your funny Northern Exposure cards right on top so they know who it’s from!

DON’T throw the gift at your recipient’s face and yell, ‘YOU BETTER LIKE THIS GIFT OR ELSE!’ (Stop crying, they didn’t throw it that hard…)



DO put a tag on your gift so that you remember who each one belongs to.

DON’T just rely on jingling the present around to figure out which package is for which person. Your ten-year-old would probably be disappointed accidentally receiving grandmother’s denture cleaner instead of their new video game…



DO create your own wrapping paper that you drew or printed yourself. It makes your presents more personalized, especially if you use it as a clue for what’s inside. Reusable gift wrap is very trendy this year, and our environment will appreciate you dearly!

DON’T use dirty things like old food wrappers or napkins to wrap your gifts. (Trash Diving =/= Trendy Decor)



If you’re giving someone a new shirt, DO fold it like you would see presented in a store. Place the shirt neatly in a box and fold tissue paper over it to keep it fresh.

DON’T bunch the shirt in a ball, stuff it in a comically small box and tape it so it doesn’t pop out. (You may as well hand them a bag of your dirty laundry, you messy hobo!)



DO decorate your wrapped present with a cute new ornament, jingle bells, tassels, velvet bows, or even pinecones for that extra-Christmas feel.

DON’T leave excess wrapping paper on your gift, because then it will bulge. Your recipient will think they’re getting a new guitar, when really it’s just a sweater with a guitar on it.



DO take time to consider what your recipient needs or could use. Get that item in their favorite color or a color that you think they would look great in. The more effort you put into your recipient’s gift, the more special the item will be to them!

DON’T buy your recipient something that you want, in hopes that they will give it back to you. (Just buy it for yourself, you Scrooge!)



DO give yourself enough space to spread out when wrapping. You’ll have wrapping paper, bags, bows, tissue paper, tape and scissors. To make it fun and stress free, spread everything out for easy access. (And play some festive music in the background!)

DON’T sit in a corner too small to cut the wrapping paper to the point you accidentally cut your pant leg or wrap your daughter’s lego inside of someone’s new slippers…


Do you prefer the Do’s or the Don’ts? Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget to include a card with your gift. We have a fun variety of humor CHRISTMAS and HOLIDAY cards perfect for everyone on your list. Just don’t use too much tape on the envelope when you close it, you sloppy wrapper, you.

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