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Reasons to Send Friendsgiving Cards

Friendsgiving? Is that like… Thanksgiving, but with friends?
The answer is simple: yes-giving.

Friendsgiving is a holiday that was created to celebrate with the friends that you may haven’t seen all year because of work, school, or family. It’s a day that combines the best part of Thanksgiving: no family drama and all of the food! Friendsgiving is mostly celebrated the weekend before Thanksgiving, but it can be celebrated any day that is convenient for the friendship group in the month of November. Dinner is usually a potluck, which takes away the stress of doing all of the cooking yourself!

Nobody truly knows the origin of Friendsgiving. It was only just added into Webster’s Dictionary in January 2020! Some believe the hit TV show Friends originated the holiday, since the group of friends always celebrated Thanksgiving together. (Though, the actual word is never spoken.) There is evidence of the word being used on Twitter back in 2007 referring to people’s informal potluck versions of their Thanksgiving meals. Others say Bailey’s Irish Cream originated the tradition. With a national spotlight on their 2011 ad campaign Friendship with Baileys, influencers drinking with their friends was an idea that seemed to stick with a lot of people.

So why should you send Friendsgiving cards? Simple!


Friendsgiving Invitations!

Invite your friends over for your Friendsgiving feast with an extra magical touch via a Friendship card! Not only does it build that excitement to be with your friends in one room together, but it will make the day seem more special and formal. You can tell your guests whether or not you prefer them to dress in their best holiday attire, an ugly holiday sweater, or some cozy pajamas. You can also include what you would prefer them to cook or bake for the potluck, or tell them to bring their favorite specialty!

Friendsgiving CardsBlank Cards: 3 Baby Chicks

Friends are the family we get to choose!

Show them how much you appreciate them with funny friendship, thinking of you, or thank you cards. Thank them for always being there for you. Let them know you were thinking of them during the holiday. Tell them how happy you are that they are in your life. We know Thanksgiving is used as a time to reflect on the things that we are grateful for. However, sometimes it’s more meaningful when you tell people individually how much they mean to you!

Friendsgiving Cards

Inside Greeting: “Friendship is the most meaningful gift of all. Happy Holidays”

It’s fun!

Northern Exposure has cards that are cheesy for not a lot of cheddar. With an emphasis on charming photos and funny text, you can pass on a little laughter and create genuine smiles. Let them know you only have pies for them. You can even add some jokes, puns, or holiday appropriate recipes if you may not be seeing them in person this holiday season. Besides, friendship isn’t just about sharing a part of yourself and being there for them no matter what. It’s also about making them laugh until they pee their pants!

Friendsgiving Cards

Thank You Cards: Purple Flowers In Tea Cup

Check out our Friendship and Thank You cards, and pass on a little laughter this Friendsgiving!

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