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Northern Exposure’s Top 3 Holidays for June

June is a month that is traditionally all about “Dads and Grads”… which is great, but there are many more reasons to celebrate during the sixth month on the calendar. How about the beginning of Summer? Or our grand ol’ Flag? I am sure by now you wouldn’t be shocked to discover that the team at Northern Exposure Cards knows that there are many more “holidays” to be celebrated! Here are just a few that we have deemed worthy enough to make our Top 3 Holidays for the Month of June!

National Hug Your Cat Day (June 4th)

Cat videos may still be all the rage, but this adoration of fierce felines did not start with the advent of the Internet. It dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt. While we may not be the first cat worshippers, we certainly are the best! We have multiple holidays throughout the year that pay homage to our furry friends. One such holiday takes place every June 4th– “Hug Your Cat Day”! Do we really need a holiday to tell us to hug our cats? Probably not, but it is a celebration that we can get behind… just like our “Hug From Behind” Get Well card.

Hug Your Cat June

Get Well Card: ” You know you’re sick when people hug you from behind! Wishing you a speedy recovery.”

National Selfie Day (June 21st)

A practice that does NOT date back to Ancient Egypt – the art of the selfie! Thank you, smartphones! Who hasn’t snapped a shot of themselves in the bathroom mirror? Or while sitting in the driver’s seat of one’s car? And what about the duck face… don’t even try and say you are blowing a kiss to the camera. No one kisses like that: you look like you have a duckbill! This cat knows better and has opted for another form of selfie: the “selfie stick” selfie! Celebrate today and any birthday with a “Cat Selfie” of your own!

Selfie Day June

Birthday Card: “Have your selfie a great birthday!”

National Camera Day (June 29th)

“National Selfie Day” wouldn’t have even been possible without the invention of the camera – something that is rightfully given its due each and every June 29th. But the camera has come a long way from the boxy machines with flashbulbs. Now, over a trillion digital photos are taken every year – most from smartphones. Our whole line of greeting cards is based on humorous photography and thus wouldn’t exist without the camera. In celebration, we present to you our top-selling card year in and year out – “Golden Dog with Tennis Ball”.

Camera Day June

Birthday Card: “The older you get, the more you like to do things just because you can! Happy Birthday”

See you in July!

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