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Tips for Writing Funny Cards

Is there ever a real reason to send funny cards? Sure, maybe it’s their birthday or Christmas, or they just learned how to cook eggs without dropping pieces of the shell in the pan. But you can always send a funny card, even if it’s ‘Just Because.’ We have cards for anyone, no matter the occasion!

Picking a card for someone can be daunting. First, you have to think about your relationship to that person and what they mean to you. The more you know about your recipient, the easier it is to pick a card that best suits their personality. Next, think about what that person likes. If they’re more outgoing, they would probably enjoy a vivid design over something simple. If your card recipient is allergic to cats, they would obviously cherish a card with a cat on it. (We love mischief.) Finally, think about what kind of message you want to write. Sure, your message can be as creative or simple as you want it to be. But what if their hamster Copernicus just passed away, and you want to cheer them up with some Northern Exposure humor?

Here are some tips for writing funny card messages:


Be you!

Everyone has a sense of humor. If you can laugh, you can make someone else laugh. Not all 7 billion people in the world are going to find you funny, and that is completely okay! (I don’t even want to imagine how creepy it would be if all 7 billion of us were the same…) However, if you try to be too raunchy when you are the epitome of a Disney Princess, your recipient might raise an eyebrow instead of chuckle. Let your funny come naturally!

Funny Friendship CardsFunny Friendship Cards


Write for your audience!

If you’re sending a card for a child, consider writing a knock-knock joke or silly riddle. However, if the card is for your older brother’s 21st birthday, perhaps consider letting him know that you know about his secret. Consider a note such as ‘Happy 21st Beer-thday! Finally legal to do everything you have been doing since you were 15!’ (Yeah, he’ll totally love it.)

Funny Birthday CardsFunny Birthday Cards 


Don’t think, just write!

Write out what you want to say on a separate piece of paper first. Keep writing and writing until your hand cramps up and shrivels, and then write with your other hand. Now, chop down the stuff that you didn’t even remotely crack a smile for. Keep chopping down what you wrote until it’s concise, specific, and full of silly and colorful description. Change ordinary words into witty ones from a thesaurus. (Seriously, the thesaurus is a writer’s bosom buddy.) Lastly, rewrite your card!

Funny Anniversary CardsFunny Anniversary Cards


Write something that makes YOU laugh!

Seriously, who are you trying to impress? Whether or not the recipient will find your writing funny is irrelevant. Yes, irrelevant. If they know you, they will know and understand your humor and love you for it. (People tell me all the time that I’m not funny, and yet they still laugh at me. Not because I’m funny, but because I’m consistent!)

Blank CardsBlank Cards

Have fun!

For goodness sakes, you’re writing a greeting card, not a stand-up comedy routine! During this never-ending pandemic, make people happy with some funny greeting cards. It shows them that you haven’t forgotten about them, and laughter is always the best medicine.

Funny Birthday CardGreeting


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