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Northern Exposure’s Top 3 Holidays for April

We have a motto here at Northern Exposure Cards“Well, isn’t that funny!” Don’t believe us… we know it is April Fools’ Day but this is no joke!

See! It is even on our sign! What did we tell you!

One thing we find funny is the number of holidays that don’t make it on the calendar! Why is April Fools’ Day on, but National Pet Day doesn’t make the cut? Do YOU even KNOW when National Pet Day is?! We do! And we happily spotlight holidays each and every day on our social media accounts!


But each and every month, we know there are a few holidays that stand above the rest! No, we are not talking about the calendar holidays! We mean the Northern Exposure’s Top 3 Holidays… for April!

National Pet Day (April 11)

So how many of you actually knew that April 11 was the date before we told you? For how many pet parents there are in the world, we think that the number is probably still low. So, celebrate your paws-itively purr-fect BFFs today with an extra treat or head scratching. You know that the deserve it… just like our representative for today – “Fluffy Dog in Crown”!

Birthday Card: Inside Greeting – “You deserve the royal treatment! Happy Birthday”

National High Five Day (April 15)

Always celebrated on the third Thursday in April, this day is all about honoring the original form of dap! Move over fist bump! Take a seat all of you dabbers! Today, we honor the king of the celebration – the high five! Even in our “new normal” of 2021, you can still celebrate with a high five… just a socially distanced one! This Blank card may be called the “Dancing Kitten”, but today she is a High Fiving one!

Dancing Kitten

Blank Card: No Verse

Hug a Friend Day (April 26)

Before we begin, let’s just stop some of you contrarians now! We did NOT get our dates wrong! We are not speaking of National Hugging Day which takes place in January!  Today, we are celebrating Hug a Friend Day! They are two totally different holidays! Don’t believe us? Just look at your calendar… oh wait, forget that idea! But just trust us, we know our holidays! We also know that like National High Five Day, 2021 may not be the perfect year to celebrate this day with a physical hug. We have the solution… this cute, cuddly “Saint Bernard And Kittens” Blank greeting card!

Saint Bernard and Kittens

Blank Card: No Verse


See you in May!

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