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Graduation Season is Here!

Celebrate with a Northern Exposure card!

Hats (or should we say “caps”) off to the graduates! Whether they are earning a preschool diploma or a Master’s degree, all of their hard work deserves some appreciation. And what better to celebrate the occasion than with a little laughter courtesy of a Northern Exposure Graduation card! That said, we understand that Graduation can be one of the most important times in a person’s life and a humorous tone may not fit every situation. Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Our Six Graduation Card Designs – From Heartfelt to Humorous

Rolled Diploma

Graduation Card - Rolled Diploma

“Today a diploma, tomorrow the world! Congratulations”

It may not have the trademark Northern Exposure humor, but it is perfect for any graduate!

Frog Graduate

Graduation Card - Frog Graduate

“Congratulations Graduate. The pond is all yours.”

Slightly humorous; sincerely heartfelt! Another perfect choice for any graduate!

Shaggy Graduate

Graduation Card - Shaggy Dog with Diploma

” Brains, looks, diploma…You’ve got it all! Congratulations.”

We are getting a little closer to full-on Northern Exposure humor!

Chihuahua W/ Diploma

Graduation Card - Dog with Diploma

“You always were smart, but now you have the papers to prove it!”

Humorous with a side of cute animals: a quintessential Northern Exposure card!

Come With Papers

Graduation Card - Dog with Graduation Cap

“Congratulations Graduate. Now you come with papers!”

Another version of the above trademark Northern Exposure card – cute animals and witty sentiments! A picture-perfect combination!

Old Graduate

Graduation Card - Old Graduate

“Ok, so it took you a little longer. Congratulations Graduate!”

This card may not be perfect for every graduate. Yet for those late bloomers, we dare you to find a better way to commemorate their achievement!