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Good Dirt

$20.94 | 6 Cards & 6 Envelopes

(MSRP: $3.49 per card)

"Good friends share good dirt!"

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Smile On My Face

$20.94 | 6 Cards & 6 Envelopes

(MSRP: $3.49 per card)

"Every time I think of you my mouth puts a smile on my face!"

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Runs On Friendship

$19.74 | 6 Cards & 6 Envelopes

(MSRP: $3.29 per card)

"Life runs on friendship!"

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"A good friend is like the side of a pool... always there to hang onto!" At Northern Exposure, we have a Friendship card for all of those special besties in your life. With images ranging from adorable animals to cute kids enjoying life, even your oldest friend is sure to love their greeting card. We know how important friendships in a person's life can be; they know every story about you, including the really embarrassing ones. Laughter is a central factor in every great friendship. There is nothing more appreciated than reminding someone know how special they are to you.